be proud of who you are

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Be proud of who you are; you are a radiant, authentic creature improving the world around you.

Be proud of your words, they describe your actions and tell your unique stories.

Be proud of your heritage; you are the product of all those who have come before you and shaped the person you are today.

Be proud of growing older; you grow wiser, stronger, and more lovely daily. Be proud that you are ALIVE and ABLE to grow older.

Be proud of your achievements; each small success is a puzzle piece in your unique and purposeful life.

Be proud of your goofiest laugh, for you are entirely unself-conscious in those moments.

Be proud of your body; it is resplendent, beauty incarnate.

Be proud of that layer of fat on your belly and thighs, for you enjoy abundance and deliciousness.

Be proud of your mistakes; they are your most important learning opportunities.

Be proud of your open heart, for you value love over fear and see the best in others.

Be proud of your decisions; they have led you to this incredible moment. And this moment. And this one …