be proud of who you are

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Be proud of who you are; you are a radiant, authentic creature improving the world around you. Be proud of your words, they describe your actions and tell your unique stories. Be proud of your heritage; you are the product … Continued

Waste Audit 2016

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In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, we want to share all our efforts to make Healthy Being a sustainable business! Sustainability is innate to Healthy Being Juicery and Café’s business model. Our mission is to nourish healthy relationships with ourselves, … Continued

Cleanse Profile: Just Juice

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To celebrate ‘Cleanse with a Friend’ this off-season, we’re profiling each of our multi-day cleanses. Read on and sign up today! Pairs get 10% off, groups 3+ receive 15% off through May 2016. Our signature juice cleanse is great for … Continued