Cleanse Profile: Just Juice

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To celebrate ‘Cleanse with a Friend’ this off-season, we’re profiling each of our multi-day cleanses. Read on and sign up today! Pairs get 10% off, groups 3+ receive 15% off through May 2016.


Our signature juice cleanse is great for beginners and experienced cleansers alike. Experiencing an all-juice cleanse is the perfect opportunity to dig deep in both body and spirit.

Our digestive systems are always working to digest our food, and vital organs like the liver and kidneys are constantly engaged in filtering out toxicities. Did you know it takes eighteen hours to digest every meal?! We allow our bodies a rare rest + reboot by temporarily replacing food with nutrient-rich juice. An all-liquid cleanse allows our bodies to focus on toxin elimination and cell regeneration, which manifests in myriad physiological ways. Expect relief from bloating, indigestion, fatigue, and sleeplessness; enjoy healthy weight maintenance, heightened energy, clear and glowing skin, enhanced mental clarity, flexibility, and lightness. Preparation with a few days of clean eating will minimize any “detox symptoms” such as headache and hunger, allowing for a more pleasant experience.

In addition to all the physical benefits, a just juice cleanse provides the perfect opportunity for psychological relaxation and introspection. We recommend minimizing work stress and social obligations. Fill that extra time with cleanse complements including walks and gentle yoga, meditation, baths, calming or empowering literature, and journaling. Keeping a diary during your cleanse will help you keep track of, and critically analyze, thoughts or moods that may arise. Use the opportunity to examine your relationship to food – when and what for are you experiencing hunger cravings, even though your cleanse provides more than enough nutrients for your day? Can you experience a detachment between how you value food, and how you value yourself? You can further cultivate a positive, healthy relationship to food through this cleanse. Perhaps you are hoping to manifest something in your life. A physical detox is a perfect time to spiritually cleanse, letting go of what does not serve us and recommit to value-driven accomplishments and experiences.

Just Juice provides the structure to enjoy a full body + mind detox and rejuvenation.  It is extremely important to drink only organic and cold-pressed juices, particularly while cleansing, because they have the highest produce concentration (i.e. most nutritious and delicious!) and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

includes:  detox water, four coldpressed juices, one nut milk daily